Farming: What It Is and How It Works

Farming is a mechanism that allows token holders to earn rewards by providing liquidity to the ecosystem. In the case of GPTX, token holders can provide liquidity to the $GPTX token on decentralized exchanges and earn rewards through $GPTX tokens. To participate in farming, a token holder must deposit a certain number of $GPTX tokens into a liquidity pool on supported exchanges & pairs. This pool is then used to ensure the stability and liquidity of the token, and token holders earn rewards in the form of $GPTX tokens based on the number of tokens they have deposited. The rewards earned through farming are proportional to the number of tokens a token holder has deposited and the time they have been in the liquidity pool.

GPTX's staking and farming mechanisms offer token holders the opportunity to earn rewards while supporting the stability and security of the network. Whether staking for access to the AI protocol or farming for tips, token holders can take advantage of these opportunities to grow their $GPTX holdings and contribute to the ecosystem's growth.

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